For there is no such thing as justice.

I’ll get my revenge on the world or a least 49% of the people in it
And if I wake up with blood on my hands,
well, I know that you’ll understand,
’cause I fight like a girl.

It’s so easy to kill,
this I learned by watching you
If I have to, I will,
it’s not pretty but it’s true
I am through lying still,
just a body to be
beaten, fucked, and if I’m lucky, left for dead,
so who’s scary now?
No mercy, it’s a bit too late,
we’re following no rules, no code, just wait:
‘Cause if we’ve got no honor,
then we’ve got no shame,
if it’s in self-defense,
then we will take no blame
This is our battlecry
even if you’re only a boy,
you can
Fight like a girl.

Charlotte Snowborn

Åh, gillar du Emilie Autumn? Miss Lucy had some leeches och Lady of Sharlott är mina absoluta favoriter.

Svar: Jag är väldigt förtjust i Swallow! :)
Genevieve Nightbard

2014-02-13 @ 21:36:11

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