Musiken som rullar i bakgrunden nu.

... Både i spelet och annars, jag skriver till den. 
Det blir ingen glad berättelse. :(
I'll never wash these clothes, I want to keep the stain
Your blood to me is precious, nor would I spill it in vain
Your spirit sings, though your lips never part
Singing only to me, the thief of your heart

For there is no such thing as justice.

I’ll get my revenge on the world or a least 49% of the people in it
And if I wake up with blood on my hands,
well, I know that you’ll understand,
’cause I fight like a girl.

It’s so easy to kill,
this I learned by watching you
If I have to, I will,
it’s not pretty but it’s true
I am through lying still,
just a body to be
beaten, fucked, and if I’m lucky, left for dead,
so who’s scary now?
No mercy, it’s a bit too late,
we’re following no rules, no code, just wait:
‘Cause if we’ve got no honor,
then we’ve got no shame,
if it’s in self-defense,
then we will take no blame
This is our battlecry
even if you’re only a boy,
you can
Fight like a girl.


The picture is painted,
The colours are bold,
One for each season,
Of life I suppose,
It no longer matters,
The story is told,
It's not going to change a thing.

It's not going to change one thing.

Så fint band. <3

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